September 4, 2014


As our time as military family is quickly coming to an end, reality is starting to set in. I feel tired, scared, nervous, worried about the road that lies ahead of us. The military has been such a security blanket for us and the uncertainty of the future that lies ahead of us has me a little uneasy. As of now we still aren't sure as to where we are going or where we will be planting roots, but I keep reminding myself to try and keep a positive mindset. In the mist of our busy lives it's easy for me to get down in dumps about things and worry more than I should... I hate when these feelings arise because I find myself a little more vulnerable to negativity and things I shouldn't be... 
Lately I've been worrying about things, that the likelihood of actually happening, are slim... And when I step back and get myself together I'm reminded of how fortunate I really am. I have the best gift God could have ever given me and I'm so thankful for that. Should I be consuming my time worrying about silly things? No I shouldn't... I should be worrying about him, soaking up his every moment, and knowing the decisions we are making are for good reasons. Being settled, saying goodbye to deployments and late working hours is what we want for Asher... and for us. We are closing one door and opening another. What's through that door, I don't know... but if it's anything like the first one, I know it will be great.... 



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