March 21, 2014

Asher Approved // Toddler Pops...

The afternoons are already warming up here in SoCal and what not a better way to cool off than with a delicious cold treat! Today I'm sharing with you an easy and yummy popsicle recipe that is perfect for your toddler or any kid if that! These pops are tasty, healthy, and a breeze to whip up! 
blueberries (frozen or fresh.. either works!)
strawberries (chopped in small pieces) 
coconut water
popsicle mold - (I found mine at Family Dollar.. can't beat $1)

1. Place chopped strawberries and blueberries into popsicle mold. You can add as many as you would like. If you want a more fruity pop add more, if you want less fruity pop add less.
2. Fill mold with coconut water. Be sure to leave a little room at the top for expansion when freezing. 
3. Store pops in freezer and let them freeze overnight.
4. Eat! 
These pops should be eaten within 2 weeks or so! They are best when fresh!

I hope you all enjoy this tasty treat!
Happy Friday!

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