May 11, 2014

Recent Thoughts and Stuff...

I hope you all had an amazing Mother's Day and weekend. Last week I was a little slow to blog because I was a little down in the dumps.. Busy week at work and some unexpected family news left me exhausted and blue. I'm glad this week is a new week. 

I spent most of the weekend doing laundry.. Seriously does it ever end? I've came to the conclusion that instead of just a washer and dryer, there should be a washer, dryer, and folding machine... That would make my life 1000 times easier and free up so much of my time.. Also folding laundry with a toddler around is nearly impossible. 

Last weekend we had family photos taken by my super talented friend Katie, and holy moly are they amazing. She did such a fabulous job and I can wait to hang them around my house. We hadn't had family photos taken since Asher was a newborn and we were long over due. I will share them on the blog soon. 

I've been on a huge Dexter kick here lately and watching it when I get a little downtime. I had seen a few episodes in the past, but never was able to get into the show... Now I'm asking myself why I never got into it?!? Such a great show. 

I will be back sharing some favorite products and other fun stuff on the blog this week. I figured I would share a few random things that have been circulating in my head tonight as I watch Dexter...

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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