May 16, 2014

Ubbi Diaper Pail Review!!

I'm so thrilled to be sharing the amazing Ubbi Diaper Pail with you guys on the blog today. There are a handful of products that I highly, highly recommend and suggest to every new Mama and this pail is one of them. It's sleek, modern, functional and perfect for any nursery. 
Here are my thoughts and opinions on this amazing diaper pail. 

Apparence: Let me just say that the overall appearance of this diaper pail is incredible. It's has a sleek finish and modern design that makes is perfect for any nursery. It's a perfect size and fits nicely into small spaces. The Ubbi Pail also comes in an amazing variety of colors... 12 to be exact! We went with the grey and love! It's a light clean grey shade and looks perfect in Asher's nursery. 

Quality: The quality of this pail is incredible! The pail is made from steel and not some flimsy plastic material like most diaper pails. The rubber lid snaps down tight and there is also a locking system on top, which allows you to lock the opening of the pail. Thanks to the steel and rubber seals, no funky dirty diaper smells will be escaping this pail! We have our diaper pail next to the door when you walk into the room and have yet to notice any funky smells. 

Functionality: I don't think I have ever seen such a functional diaper pail in my life. Instead of taking expensive diaper pail inserts, which range anywhere from $4-$7, this pail uses regular tall kitchen trash bags. The compactness of this pail also makes for less bag changes as well. I'm blown away with the amount of dirty diapers this pail can hold. The pail also has an easy bag loading system as well (shown below). And no sharp bag cutting device on this pail. On of the biggest issues that bothers me with other diaper pails is that they put a sharp cutting device in them.. hello... dangerous! 

Price: The Ubbi Pail will run you around $80 and is worth every penny. Over the course of your child being in diapers, this pail is definitely a more affordable investment. No expensive diaper pail inserts, which saves tremendously! For those of you who cloth diaper, Ubbi offers a cloth diaper pail liner that's washable and reusable. Pretty awesome huh?!? I don't know of any other diaper pail that does that!

Overall: Overall this pail is such a great investment. I wish we would have invested in one when Asher was first born. It's eco friendly, economical, cloth diaper friendly, and incredibly well made. I'm so pleased with everything this pail offers and can't wait to continue using it with another baby someday. 

How amazing does this pail look in Asher's room? There is a small space between Asher's dresser and the doorway and noticed how nicely the Ubbi Pail fits into the space... Impressive! 
Easy to open slide handle and locking system. Easy to lock and keeps a curious toddler out! ;) 
Here is the inside of the Ubbi Pail with the easy loading system...
You basically stick your bag through, place the loading system down, and close the lid...
Unloading the diaper pail is just as easy!

Here I compared the Ubbi Pail to the Playtex Diaper Genie which we had originally had. Let's just say the Ubbi Pail puts the Diaper Genie to shame! 

Playtex Diaper Genie:

Nice appearance
Flimsy material
Not cloth diaper friendly
Takes only diaper genie inserts.
Has a sharp diaper cutting system, which can be dangerous
Hard to load and unload
Not compact
No locking system
No easy sliding handle 
Hard to clean 
Price: $22 
Price for diaper genie inserts: $20 for a 3 pack and add an extra $6 for a carbon filter if you don't want the pail to smell. 
Yearly Cost (including the pail): We would go through an insert at least a month so cost wise this pail will run you about $150 a year if not more... 

Amazing appearance 
Steel material and rubber seals
Cloth diaper friendly 
No sharp bag cutting device
Easy to load and unload
No smells!
Handy locking system
Easy sliding handle
Super easy to clean!
Price: $80
Yearly Cost (including the pail): Regular diapers - around $95 maybe less depending on the trash bags you buy. Cloth diapers - $97 and that's the only investment you would have to spend! 


I'm so impressed with the Ubbi Pail and highly recommend it to all of you! You can read more about the Ubbi Pail HERE and purchase your Ubbi Pail HERE 
A huge thank you to Ubbi World for creating such an amazing eco friendly product! 

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New Mama's this is a must have for your baby registry! 

Happy Friday!

Ubbi World sent me this pail for a full product review. All opinions/thoughts of this product are my own like always. I never share products in which I do not believe are truly amazing. 

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