August 1, 2014


First off let's talk about how grown up my child looks here. I swear he's still an itty bitty baby until I look at pictures of him... He looks like a full blown two year old here! And he's talking like crazy, knows all of his shapes, can sing quite a few songs, and is putting sentences together.... Anyway back to my original post.. 

Most of you know I'm a sucker for super adorable children's clothing and when I seen these shirts from MOOZEGA I about died. I adore pineapple's and we have received tons of compliments on the "Pura Vida" tee. They are an everyday favorite for Asher to wear.

The tees are screen printed on a super nice cotton tee and when I washed them they washed up really well... I always seem to be in a battle with my washing machine so washing quality is a huge plus in my book. The are soft, stylish and really perfect for any season... I plan to through a light jacket over these for fall. The tee's are also very versatile. I paired the "Pura Vida" tee with some basic shorts, a denim button up shirt, chucks, and a hat. "The Pineapple" tee, I paired with some basic green cutoffs and bare feet.. Because someone thinks that summertime and shoes do not go together...

Even though we can wear these tee's into Fall, I'm super excited to see what MOOZEGA Fall line brings.. I know it will be fabulous! We are in love with Moozega and know you guys will love them as well! Be sure to check MOOZEGA out on 

And you can shop MOOZEGA HERE! And use a 25% coupon code MZTEE24 

Happy Friday loves!


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