October 28, 2014


Now that my sweet boy is 2, I figured I would share a few of his favorite items! We use most of these items on a daily basis! 

1. Plum Organics Nutrition Bars - These are a staple in Asher's diet. They are an easy go to for snacks, car rides, backpack, and are easy and not too messy to eat! 
2. Backpack - Asher's becoming more and more independent these days and loves to take all of his goodies with us when we go places. This mini bag is the perfect size for a few toys, a change of clothes and a handful of diapers. 
3. Tiny Hands Apps - Best apps ever! Shapes, sorting, counting, definitely worth every penny! 
4. Bruder Trucks - We bought Asher on of these for his birthday and he's been obsessed with it since. It's has so many neat things and is the perfect truck that will grow with him as he grows. There are tons to choose from! 
5. Fun Books - Books that have pull tabs, make sounds, slide, Asher loves books! 
6. Freshly Picked Moccs - Still our go to shoes. When I let him pick out his shoes for the day he always goes to his mocks. And I must say 2 year olds feet can get pretty stinky and his moccs have yet to smell... Now his other shoes are a different story! 
7. Munckin 360 Cup - This cup is a must! It teaches them to drink from a regular cup and is dentist approved! I just randomly bought it at Target one day and now I wish I would have bought the entire shelf of them! 

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What are some of your 2 year favorites for your little ones?


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