October 29, 2014


So I'm totally that mom that dreads all the candy on Halloween... why? Not because my child will eat it all, but because I won't be able to control myself... Gahhh I love Halloween candy! I mean who doesn't!? So this year instead of handing out candy at Trunk or Treat night, I decided to dive into the massive stash of glow sticks we had setting in the garage (the perks to being married to a Marine) and create something fun and candy free to pass out to the kiddos! I was inspired by this post and decided to put my own twist on it! 
What you will need:
black construction paper
glow sticks 
glue or tape
First you will want to cut your construction paper and fringe the ends.
Next wrap the fringed paper around you glow stick to make it look like a broom and glue or tape the ends. 
Lastly you will want to tie you little tags on and that's it! Pretty easy right?! 

What do you plan to pass out for Halloween this year? If you create this fun little DIY be sure to email or tag me! I love seeing all of your projects! 

Happy Hump Day! 

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